on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My husband is an engineer. I love him because of his static nature. And when I am attached on his blossom, I like his worm feelings. It has been two years long of married life after three years of long love affair. And frankly, I have felt my married life boring. You know what reason I used to love my husband before has been now as means of jealous.
I am a sensitive woman. I am more concerned of my feelings and my relationship. I am thirsty of romantic moment as if a child is tempted of sweet. But my husband has appositive of it, He has sensitiveness. And he has no any skill to bring romantic moment in our relationship. I am sad of that lacking. So that one day I decided to say my divorce to him. He asked why? “I am tired, boring; again there must not be any reason of each and every word” I replied.

Since than, he born one to another cigarette. He did not even speak any word overnight As though he is in deep thought. On the other hand I was lighter. I added that what I could aspect from a person who even can not express his thought frankly. After a long he spoke out. What can I do change your mind? Some one had said many years ago, “It is very difficult to change someone’s thought”. And I thought that I have degraded my belief toward him more. My eyes fought with his eyes and I slowly responded. I have a question if you could give its appropriate answer and I got satisfied I will change mind. Suppose there is a flower blossomed in the cliff. And most important thing is after plucking it your death is certain. Can you pluck that flower for me? “I will give its answer tomorrow” he said.
There went a great landslide in my hope after hearing his answer.

Tomorrow in the morning he had gone in the early morning before me worked up. There was a piece of paper on the table by the side of door nearby dying table. Saw, it was a note written in his inarticulate handwriting. There was written that my dear beloved! I can not pluck that flower from cliff neither wants to explain not to bring it. i know that it will make you sad.

There is mess of software and program when you use computer. And you begin to weep in front of monitor. At that time I must have saved my hand so that I could make computer and weep out tears. You always forget bunch of key at home, at that time I must make my feet ready so that I could run fast and reach before you get at home and open it. You like traveling but in new city you often forget road, I have to keep my eyes open that I could show you way. You often spend on computer starring at that you lose light of your eyes. But I have to keep my eyes saved that I cut off your nail and I could give helping hands while visiting riverbank in aged on delight of sunny day on sandy bank.
Therefore my beloved! Unless I am sure that you have some one else loves you more than I love I am not ready. If you got a person loves you more than I love you, I will happily pluck that flower.

new year with maire curie and piere

on Monday, April 13, 2009

i had a plan to go to bring new plants and start new year with planting, my plan remained as a plan. so i decided to celebrate my new year with madam curie and piere curie.

marie curie and pirer curie were wife and husband, who discovered radium,opened men's eyes to a new world. the benefits of radium in the realm of madicine are still incalculable, it is used against cancer both cure and to relieve pain. bacteria of such diseases as typhus, cholera, and anthrex can also be killed by radium.

madam curie was born in warsaw on november 7,in 1867. she had to face many ups and downs in her childhood days, family was suffered financially.her mother had died of tuberculosis and sister with typhus. After graduation she worked as part time tutor for years. she used to study various subjects during free.

finally she came to paris. in 1888, began some of the happiest years of her life. true, money was not plantiful. she both taught science and attained lectures at the sorbone, and worked in the laboratories there. it was that she met pierre curie,lecturer, and in 1895 they were married.

the marriage was ideally happy. there were their two little girls, irene and eve, whose claim always came first with them. friends who visited them in those days would find pierre sweeping the floor, and playing with his small daughters, while madame cooked the meal.

madam curie was not thirty-two when she discovered radium. the greatest part of her research in that direction had been done since her marriage three years previously, and in those three years she had borne and reared her first child.

in 1904, curie shared the nobel prize for physics. three years later , pierre curie was knocked down by a dray and killed when crossing a paris street. the shock was terrible. in 1911, won alone the nobel prize for chemistry.
during the world war she helped in the hospitals where the various froms of radium treatment were being carried out.

madame curie lived to see completion of the great work,she died on july 4,1934. her daughters and husbands carried out one step further, they recieved nobel prize for chemistry. no woman was ever sincerely mourned; no woman died more happily.

happy new year to all nepalese.

excerpt taken by "greatest scientists".

बसन्तपुर टोलाएर हेर्दा

on Friday, April 10, 2009

शनिबारको दिन भन्नासाथ यो मन हलुका भएर आउछ। गत साता शनिबार बसन्तपुर घुम्ने साइत जुरेछ मलाई। मेरो साथी हुनुहुन्थ्यो गजेन्द्र लोहोरुङ। खुड्किला खुड्किला चारैतिर तह तह बनाइएको बिचबाट चड्ने बाटो उच्च ठाउँमा अबस्थित मन्दिरमा बसेर अबलोकन गर्नेको सख्या कम चापिलो हुँदैन। बस्ने ठाउँ पाउनै अप्ठ्यरो हुने। हामी पनि जहाँ सागुरो त्यही चापिलो हुन गयौ। भनेको ठाउमा सिट कहाँ पाउन नि? सर्दै सर्दै बल्ल तल्ल आठरौ सताब्दीमा निर्मित महल अगाडि तारले बारेको घेराभित्र ठिङग उभिएको सैनिक जवान हेर्न आईपुग्यौ।

महलको तारिफ गर्दै अझ गफिन सुरु गर्यौ। तलतिर हेर्दा आवत जावत गर्नको सख्या बाक्लिदै थियो। स्वदेशी बिदेशी उत्तिकै देखिन्थे।
हामी पनि के कम, एक्काईसौ शताब्दीको उतर आधुनिक्ता जस्तै थियो हाम्रो गफ। राणाकालिन महल देखी युबायुबती सम्म। राणा कालमा बनाइएको महल त्यस बेलाका लागि रबाफिलो सान देखी लिएर अहिलेको युबापुस्ता आफ्नो भन्दा अरुलाई देखाएर केही बेर मन भुलाउने माद्यम सम्म।
बिदेशी पर्यटकहरु उत्सुक्ताका साथ घाटीमा झुन्डाएको क्यमेरा सोझ्याएर फोटो खिच्न ब्यस्त देखिन्थे। कोही बिदेशी मन्दिरमा बसेर हातमा किताब च्यपेर टोलाएर बसिरहेका देखिन्थे।
उ हेर न! के सोचेर बसेको होला ति खैरेले? छेउबाट निस्किएर आयो एउटा आवाज। घरी न घरी कतै न कतै बाट आवाज निस्किरहन्थ्यो। बसन्तपुरको आगन साझ परेपछी युवा पुस्ताको लागि रमनिय बन्दोरहेछ। आँखा भने महलको सुन्दरता त युबा युबतीहरुको रुप रङ अगाडि केही रहेनछ। कसका लागि के असली सुन्दरता भन्ने कुरा निर्क्योल गर्न गाह्रो।
ठिटा ठिटीहरुको मस्का मस्कीले दरबार अझ सुन्दर भएजस्तो महसुस हुन्थ्यो। आफ्नो आफ्नो समुहमा बसेर हासो मजा गरिरहेको युबा युबतीले भरिएको ठाउँ लगभग तीन घण्टे बसाइपछी हामी त्यहा बाट लाग्यौ। मन्दिरको पेटीबाट तल आगनमा भिड लागेको हेर्दा रमाइलो लागेता पनि गाई गोरु मोटरसाइकल र मान्छेको भिड्मा हराउदा भने पार पाउन मुस्किल भएको थियो।
थचक्क बसेको बसन्तपुर दरबार नेपालको प्राचिन कला देखी पश्चिमेली कला सम्म पर्यटकलाई एक नौलो अनुभुती भएको होलान। तर मन भने कला भन्दा युबा युबतीको बाक्लो उपस्थितिले ध्यान खिछेको थियो।
सुन्दरताको पारीभषा अझै पनि अबुझ नै जस्तो लगिरहेछ। के बसन्तपुर दरबारको ऐतिहासिक सुन्दरता र मस्किएर हिंडेका युबा पिडी को सुन्दरताको बुझाई एकै हो त?
गजेन्द्र लोहोरुङ अझै मौन हुनुहुन्छ।

Expensive cheap labor

on Saturday, April 4, 2009

We were nearly one of the last to realize that in the age of information science that most expensive asset is knowledge.

After world war second many developing countries bet their economic future on the theory that selling labor cheap would lead to modernization. There is no doubt that the cheap labor game is still being played all over the world. Intensively blow of cheap labor has hit in less developed countries (LDCs) on which the country Nepal has perpetually been adopting the approach.

So far as this system is concerned with Nepal, it was started during the Rana regime. In world war first and second, hundred and thousand young people were admitted in British army as low paid wagers. In return Nepal government would get remittance. No longer had this process discontinued from around three hundred centuries now. State economy always relied on remittance that became backbone rather than creating other alternative means. In this era with globalization, no country is segregated without connectivity of wave within the countries. But what Nepal government differs from other is unskilled and semi-skilled labors production in the market. Millions Nepalese have been reluctantly working in foreign land as exploited laborers. They have identity of unskilled blue color job and are living with undignified life.

All countries that have entered into second and third waves that they have produced knowledge based labors. As a result it credits will be applied in the nation. Some countries like the ‘tigers’ of east Asia such as south Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong Singapore and china even won their bet. Besides that due to k (knowledge)-factor many other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam succeeded to increase economic condition successively. For them Information technology is already made assets for developing country. Such cheap labor system not only used human resource but the crucial part they got in response is technology how it has transformed the world into third wave; the great achievement was technology based knowledge.

They have virtually accomplished industrialization and are now moving into third world. In accordance with power shift theory, human effort has been categorized into three waves. Agricultural revolution the first wave propelled human history towards second wave and third wave. The industrial revolution the second wave, it described the major technological and social transformation. Hyper- competition of technology third wave is on its prime new industries based on computers, electronics, information etc.

The change brought up by movement of wave has created the world uneven. Technology rapidly occupied at hemisphere, continents and sub continent countries respectively in deep root. Interdependent system of present techno world, one country is depended on other country’s economic prosperity. Cheap labor bet would now adversely effect with ups and downs of global economy.

Recent recession of the world once again has to be thought seriously. Especially in third wave countries it has badly floated state economy. It does not mean that other countries are untouched with it. U.S.A, JAPAN, KOREA, UNITED KINGDOM are mainly burdened of economic crisis. We can see more clearly how world has been as tiny matter with the development of information science. Job opportunities are gradually cutting down that resulted thousand and thousand people are jobless and cheap laborers are compelled to shift. Japan a third wave country many employees were foreigners now with economic crisis have been sent them back to their country.

Cheap labor policy in nepal is in huge problem. Unless the reformation process is applied from government level, Nepal will suffer from various factors. Unemployment problem is every single day increasing with population growth; government should pay attention to product efficient candidates. Otherwise it will be difficult to come out of the whirlwind of problems. We have many threats and challenges however opportunities should be prioritized.

Korea can be an example for us; there is no rust in the history, the history is not rust in front of us it is still row that during a half century Korea had dramatically developed the country. After disintegration of south and North Korea in 1951, South Korea had adopted liberal policy of which many American multinational companies were established. Many Korean got opportunity to work and were informed about technology. They became skilled worker with knowledge of technology. Meanwhile government cleverly brought adequate policy to mobilize resources. Now Korea has moved into third wave on the bet of expensive cheap labor.

Nepal is now standing at historical threshold; new nepal would rear up development effort, let us hope the expectation of all Nepalese would not be turned into yellow leaf.