Chess and thought

on Monday, November 23, 2009

Chess and thought

Chess is a game of mind. This is different game than that of other games. To play it no age bar, no male and female, no physically strong and weak, anyone can play for entertainment. Couple of days ago, after two years of long time with the view to indulge with some of the friends played the chess. What i realized at that time was I just know the rules. No more than that. Meanwhile, I also felt that ‘the more we practice the more we stick to the right direction’.

We, Gajendra lohorung, Anish lohorung, Nirvik lohorung, were gathered specially to play chess, to be frank. Interestingly, while playing no one won all players continuously, all of us remained winner as well as loser. I mean one winner defeated another winner. Again another winner was defeated by one loser. During the time, good sense of humor would blast up; to some extent it remained fruitful as well

Mostly, Gajendra played defensive less attacking, likewise Anish was good attacking but less defensive and Nirvik was good defensive. Their game was quite interesting. Game between Gajendra and Anish, since their method of mobilizing was different, there was always remained space but both of them had good encounter.

I have played chess innumerable but still I have less knowledge about it. Although I have been playing chess for childhood days, the graduated scale was during my bachelor college. There were organized different games in college. The System was that any student could participate for the game. With some friends, we decided to take part three different games and one volunteer. Chess, football and volleyball were three games.

For chess, there were 36 participants including me. I had never played chess formally organized before. I had to defeat six participants. When I arrived for the second position, it was one of the tough games for me because he was the participant of lalitpur championship. It was early morning our game start. I was quite in tensed. I kept thinking how to play how to trap him. We played two sets of which both I kept in my domination.

Finally he agreed. ‘You played well, both sets you played differently, first set quite defensive and last one defensive as well as attacking, he said’. That was the first time I had realized how i played. During the game, he did sacrifice many times in order to keep me in trap, it was his best techniques.
Gajendra, Nirvik,Anish and Nabin were not played less interesting, but I accept that we could not heat the iron when it was red.

Lastly, I suggest everyone to play chess. It is interesting game not only that, it also identifies your thoughts and ideas. Your decision, endurance and calculations must have at right time. This process can also be applied in your life.


on Sunday, October 11, 2009


A professor was teaching the features of a drama in the class how mode of drama has taken place. Students were listening audio of characters’ conversation. The professor was assuring characters’ dialogues the way they have spoken. Situation was quite critical that colonel was forcefully saying to confess the accusation.

At the same time, a man enters into the classroom near to the professor as soon as class was over. He was chief of army. They were friend, it was nothing but he invites to the professor to attend at the theatre where a drama is going to be shown. Moreover, a minister will be watching the drama as well. Chorus and protagonist of the drama present an episode of a drama. The drama was written by a man, who was also known as poet, sitting in the chair watching attentively.

And, the fact was that the character who presented drama was Manaslu, the mistress of the writer. They were revolutionist of the country or say, communists. Actually, ‘army chief and minister’ both were making mission to arrest them, because they were revolutionists working against existing state’s policy.

Now, the mission comes on the head of professor to accomplish it on stipulated time because, he was supposed to be expert. For that, everything was set up including recording equipments of the couples and their colleagues. The main task of professor was then to hear their each moment and submit the report to army chief.

He reports whatever he thinks important. Since he was great fan of the lady artiste, he was more enthusiasts to know about them. Day, week passed, he goes no reporting. He records their daily activities and scans it to white sheet. Their relationship seemed sentimentally well attached. It was Thursday evening, she goes out to meet her school mate from the room but she goes to the minister because he has relationship with him also.
The writer has already suspected her but he did not ask anything neither did she reveal. She came and slept without speaking even one word. She was shivering with cold, seeing in pathetic condition, he covers with his warm hands. After an hour, he asked her but, she was trying to deceive him. He says that he knows everything where she goes.

She gets shocked with his words, after a minute with long breath, she was says that she went with minister many times because she wanted him alive besides her, if she was not with minister, his life was in danger. ‘I am unwillingly doing this, she says’. The writer blushed with anger- To do this for saving his life was like deceiving his own self and country. Their discussion was quite serious, the professor was listening.

The professor, on the other hand, was not ready to report about the subject matter what about them was going on. The chief was trying to collect authentic evidence against minister and them, so that file is writ to court. The professor knew what army chief, his friend, was doing. He had understood his project properly.

One day professor was drinking in the pub, some people were laughing, and some places were seen empty table. A lady enters and sits next to his table, asks drinks. It was same lady, the artiste. The professor was cool and reserved nature goes to her table, as a well-wisher greets her. But she was serious, unwanted to chat as though she was seen that she was doing something wrong. They were never talked each other before. At once, the professor spit it out that her beautiful face would change if there was something wrong. “Life is not drama where life is disguised with full of happiness, she resists”. An artist also can be on pathetic situation. She departs at once saying that college mate is waiting outside.

One week later, with the help to his colleague, the writer was planning to write an article about the ‘state’s policy’ on behalf of its people. With long effort a friend provides him a typewriter. If any security agency found it, they would be sent in jail so, they had to do this task with precautious. Everyday after writing, He hides it under the ground right to main door. He had not told her either. Once, as a usual, he was keeping it on her absence; but, unfortunately, she saw it from the passage while she was coming. But she neglected it as if it was not an important.

Security agency had managed the room on the top floor of house. Every evening professor would come and depart in the early morning. He prepares reports if there had happened something special. But when chief of army asks, he replies no thing is going on.

Meantime, news hit the market in which state’s oppression had been exposed. It became the issue everywhere even to the minister and chief of army. Immediately, the professor was called to inquire but he did not reveal reality though he knew everything. He had realized that what they were doing was not against the sovereignty rather they were digging a well for freedom.

They got no option to do, the minister thinks for a while and orders to arrest the lady artiste for 24 hours for inquiry how it happened. On the contrary, chief of army warned to professor to find out the facts. She recognizes him; however the professor had no choice. He interrogates some questions.

‘So, you work for security agency? She interrupts’ He reiterates her performance that he always appreciated her. He also promises to save writer’s life and her life if she reveals where the typewriter is. Now she agrees and says that it has been hid under the ground near the main door. At once the professor went out. The troops of army go to the writers’ apartment where typewriter was supposed to be hidden. The security agency knock the door, the writer get surprised when he sees her mistress is with agency. As she said agency opened up the cover, but they got nothing. The chief was out of control. He begins to curse her.

Manaslu runs out of the house. She knew that she had betrayed the writer. The professor was leaning against police’s truck, she was running so fast, she was crying. When she was crossing the road, a car knocked her down. On the road, covered with spot of red blood, first the professor reached near but she was almost dead. When he tries to wake up she last opened her eyes and spoke a word ‘thank you’ to him.
The government then announced real federal state where every stakeholder of state will have freedom of expression. One year later, in anniversary, a drama was presented on the story of the writer. It was splendid performances. Seeing the every moment of own life, the writer cannot believe it. He knows when asks to see reports. All the files made on piles, he got real information on the drama library that his article published date, hiding the typewriter under the ground, typewriter taken out before security agency reached there.

Prepared by PANASI 063

The writer gets the professor as news deliverer in federal state.

My life: My belief

on Monday, October 5, 2009

My life: My belief

I believe in word because it has power to change the life; I knew the hidden power of letter when I entered into the class of adult education at the very beginning. There, I saw three letter of my name from very close, came to know for the first time that I am not the chamili called by all, but chameli- A tiny mode of writing changed my name. I thought at that time as if it is magic

Chameli waiba, resident of bajrabarahi in makawanpur, 37 years old, married 25 years ago. She spent 24 years being alone, isolated husband. She believes in the magic of words, that word whose support has changed her utter life, changed her world.
In 2051 in the evening for the first time I knew three letters. What I felt that time was we get name if we know three letters, if we know all letters we shall get real life either. I wrote my name again and again, when I got return at home in the evening. What a great task was it to write own name in life! Then a kind of attachment it increased to know letters that I started taking books while going for cutting grass.

My life was like a manmade lake nearby village before knowing my life, dammed always. I had a pain of childhood marriage, agony of poverty; no accompany of husband, neither had a skill nor courage- that of today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow life was going to be more difficult, it was growing the number of educated people day by day. Moreover, their life seemed to have made easier, then I began to realized that neither wealth nor beauty in life, rather I was betrayed of letters in life.

With the magic of word, I was fully fueled by self- confidence and courage that made restless of curiosity, ‘my life is gone but younger brothers and sisters should reach towards all letters wherever they want, I committed’. But for that, Tashar River was big problem beneath the house; rest of the world was across the river. School children would not go to school in the summer being unable to cross the river. I dreamt of a suspending bridge there- Collecting the courage given by the magic of letter, requested to all to put a bridge over the river. At first, no any villagers believed to me nor were helping hands. Some of them even mocked ‘she needs only’ by saying ‘Chameli Bridge’. After all, with a long effort a bridge made there. Now, I see and feel really satisfied when school students and campus students run on that bridge,

The germination of dream to make the bridge was first due to awareness of letter but it was not enough to dream of making. Furthermore, there were more then three hundred villagers’ soldiers and became possible; I came to comprehend that Iron Bridge is inevitable for river, for men, bridge of letter and, the bridge of community is the development of community itself.


on Monday, June 8, 2009

Development process in technology, economy has mainly dynamited people in the world and will be continuing even more ratio in the future that culture of the certain community will face its direct impact. Diaspora has now become global phenomenon in the sense that everywhere in the world a man can access in order to search the space if he is capable. But the culture would shift one to another and existence of it makes liberal space.
Diaspora was started with religious perspective in 541BC onward. In the beginning the Diaspora was a kind of process in course of resettling of exile people. Now Diaspora is rampantly increasing not in religion but in the name of technology, education and economy.

Basically new inventions after revolution in industry and economy made people boundless to enter all over the world in search of market. It is no doubt that the exploration of many inhabited places began new way of expedition that helped people to shift from one to another place for better environment to live. From the view point of economy the Diaspora seems to have been acute in history and even at present.

In front of dynamic global economy now the country is not untouched. Since the split of the world into parts with the economical prosperity, people of the country began to shift towards developed countries. Economy and education are two factors that scenario of Diaspora can be scanned easily of which in search of better opportunity people are shifting.
Diaspora is not to great extent in favor of nation. In individual level, to some extent it seems to have brought changes with the changes of living style. But the impact it has given back to the nation is not in the favor of all the people of the state whose identity is determined by the individual who is struggling there.

Nepali Diaspora is everywhere in the world, their identity is recognized by the labor as such Nepali workers are working in many countries on various field. They are low paid wager. And their level of social status to that place is as low paid workers. Whereas an Indian whose sale in the market is higher than a Nepali and likewise the sale market of the rest of the countries have higher rate of an Indian. According to wage they are paid have been categorized in the market and the status of a country is recognized on that basis

Chaltar to cold ice cream

on Friday, May 29, 2009

Cold ice cream coffee on the table, with two of my friends spent one hour gossiping on various subject day all activities. The cold ice cream and the place both of them were completely new for me. It made me refreshed anyway.
Let me permit for further detail. We students and teachers from sagarmatha multiple college, around thirty speeded up in the morning at round 8:30 as our plan, our main plan to observe the dumping site and its impact on neighboring village. However I am emphasizing on overall the status of village. The dumping site was completely different as I pre-assumed in my mind. I had imaged that mould of garbage should have made no space to add more. But my imagination did not match at all; it has been almost plain shape made of garbage. But the environmental situation found more deteriorated in the vicinity area while visiting few houses of the villages.

Media spectra while staying in kathmandu had given a kind of information that local people have blocked to let it throw at the site. And also all of us were curious to know about facts.

Being small groups we filled some forms. We were four in my group. We had to walk up height at 90 degree angle. There was scattered pattern of houses in the village. We introduced them our identity and our purpose to come there. They whole heartedly supported us for answering the questions.

The village name was chaltar. Most of the houses are of bhujel caste. According to the evidences of collection, they have no any satisfied job. They were found involved in as wage worker. No enough food for the family, Hardly six months has it sustained from their own land. Rest of the months they go out to work and feed family. They have very poor educational condition. Up to collected information we found no one school leaving certificate graduate. Early marriage is dominant in the village. To talk about the health education, it will be incomplete with education. Thus education is controlling factor for heath. Lack of hospital in that area Bir hospital of kathmandu has been their reliable treatment centre. Any sorts of cases the ultimate option is to take patient to kathmandu. Witch doctor is more regularly working for the village then hospital. Lack of toilet and water are main problem that to get water they have no choice besides going 20 minutes away down to river from home. While asked to make new toilet they gave no response.

Due to dumping site they have even difficulty to have and sleep. As media circle said from the perspectives of kathmanduties the problem does not seem as major problem as kathmanduties. There are many barren fields that can be made dumping site if it is proceeded with systematically.
While asked why did you obstruct? Many of them expressed unknowingness about recent blockade from the community. Their dissatisfaction is not with recently using dumping site, rather it has to be fulfilled their demands like hospital, drinking water by government. “It is very essential for us, said one of the house owner”.
Is urban centered media ever tried to identify genuine issues of stake holders? Unless we try to recognize problem, one more brick would be added with political upheaval.
Politically misguided ideology seems to have made them scapegoat. They are accustomed to tolerate, their ignorance and illiteracy is their assets that they are happy with it. “Education always does not bring happiness. Ignorance sometimes brings bliss indeed.”

The cold ice cream and decorated java appeared cleared when we paid 540 rupees of three with tax. In my mind all of a sudden clicked a chapter of overdevelopment. There after I came to notice how overdevelopment process begins.

Academic icon was staring on book with a sib of coffee, May be he is in peace mind. I do not know when I get accustomed to be staring book with sib of coffee.


on Sunday, May 3, 2009

Which country do you love most? Of course I do love Tibet, motherland, said a Tibetan lad. he is studying in Chennai in India, the southern part’ sometimes in holidays he would come in Nepal, but was born in Tibet. It was coincidence he was on leave staying with aunt in Nepal. We met who made me compelled to think where i belong.
His aunt does not even understand Nepali. She needs help to communicate or has to use universal language. Her special tea and innocent kindly behavior always offered me strength whenever I would be there that I learnt many things that I could not have recognized. She makes delicious foods. She has a tea shop. It is very special tea but different than that of Nepali tea we are familiar. I mostly saw Tibetan in the shop gathering and chatting with cheerful mood holding a cup of tea on the right hand. Few of them I noticed were Nepali speaker.
Just couple of days back with the purpose to accomplish two tasks at the same time appeared with my friend. We ordered two cup of tea and potato curry. My friend would seem a bit worried. I thought it is personal business. Again and again eyes on mobile would indicate time is coming nearer. Immediately, friend was requested to meet, so in haste run. My loneliness rested on next to me with some interrogation being alone after friend’s departure.
The aunt was busy in serving the customers. Sometimes her charming on face would turn into sad and pale mood but often happier. Her happiness had no any long quires that there might be other question marks. It is a kind of happiness that living in the land of Gautam Buddha without torture and disorder made them more united about Tibet and share Tibetan feeling in foreign land.
The reflection of gloominess blends when they are reminded of the Tibetan language and people. No matter how luxurious life it is, no matter how long distance it is, the truth for Tibet will never be hidden.

In new Nepal process to derail the peace, at present issue of justification of the chief of army has heightened the problem more uncertain, is not going in right track to resolve it. Actually problem itself isn’t a problem. Problem will be problem when the way of looking itself is problem. The present problem of the state is not the problem but the driver of the state, all political parties can not take consensus or do not want to solve it, and they think that such change would harm in long historical reputation on chain of command. In so called new Nepal do you really think that social, economic and cultural status quo will be transformed with the myopias of new cover of old faces?
Shame on us! For the goodness of sake folks are patiently waiting to be solved the problem and the world is laugh at us in the horizon!
And on the lap of Wwayambhu we are restless in quarrelling unarguable answers. We are looking for reasonable answer through others. The height of Swayambhu, the bottle neck Katmandu is half covered with mist and dust, is still being made of the creed of the recovering of the wound. The lad and all Tibetan are still hoping that the bliss of the lord Gautam Buddha would save the Tibet.

My friend is going to give exam and I know how the lad goes through right now while talking Tibet. But I do not want to hurt him more.
The best idea is to go up at Swayambhu height and fuel the energy of goodness and indulge until 9 o’clock.


on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My husband is an engineer. I love him because of his static nature. And when I am attached on his blossom, I like his worm feelings. It has been two years long of married life after three years of long love affair. And frankly, I have felt my married life boring. You know what reason I used to love my husband before has been now as means of jealous.
I am a sensitive woman. I am more concerned of my feelings and my relationship. I am thirsty of romantic moment as if a child is tempted of sweet. But my husband has appositive of it, He has sensitiveness. And he has no any skill to bring romantic moment in our relationship. I am sad of that lacking. So that one day I decided to say my divorce to him. He asked why? “I am tired, boring; again there must not be any reason of each and every word” I replied.

Since than, he born one to another cigarette. He did not even speak any word overnight As though he is in deep thought. On the other hand I was lighter. I added that what I could aspect from a person who even can not express his thought frankly. After a long he spoke out. What can I do change your mind? Some one had said many years ago, “It is very difficult to change someone’s thought”. And I thought that I have degraded my belief toward him more. My eyes fought with his eyes and I slowly responded. I have a question if you could give its appropriate answer and I got satisfied I will change mind. Suppose there is a flower blossomed in the cliff. And most important thing is after plucking it your death is certain. Can you pluck that flower for me? “I will give its answer tomorrow” he said.
There went a great landslide in my hope after hearing his answer.

Tomorrow in the morning he had gone in the early morning before me worked up. There was a piece of paper on the table by the side of door nearby dying table. Saw, it was a note written in his inarticulate handwriting. There was written that my dear beloved! I can not pluck that flower from cliff neither wants to explain not to bring it. i know that it will make you sad.

There is mess of software and program when you use computer. And you begin to weep in front of monitor. At that time I must have saved my hand so that I could make computer and weep out tears. You always forget bunch of key at home, at that time I must make my feet ready so that I could run fast and reach before you get at home and open it. You like traveling but in new city you often forget road, I have to keep my eyes open that I could show you way. You often spend on computer starring at that you lose light of your eyes. But I have to keep my eyes saved that I cut off your nail and I could give helping hands while visiting riverbank in aged on delight of sunny day on sandy bank.
Therefore my beloved! Unless I am sure that you have some one else loves you more than I love I am not ready. If you got a person loves you more than I love you, I will happily pluck that flower.

new year with maire curie and piere

on Monday, April 13, 2009

i had a plan to go to bring new plants and start new year with planting, my plan remained as a plan. so i decided to celebrate my new year with madam curie and piere curie.

marie curie and pirer curie were wife and husband, who discovered radium,opened men's eyes to a new world. the benefits of radium in the realm of madicine are still incalculable, it is used against cancer both cure and to relieve pain. bacteria of such diseases as typhus, cholera, and anthrex can also be killed by radium.

madam curie was born in warsaw on november 7,in 1867. she had to face many ups and downs in her childhood days, family was suffered financially.her mother had died of tuberculosis and sister with typhus. After graduation she worked as part time tutor for years. she used to study various subjects during free.

finally she came to paris. in 1888, began some of the happiest years of her life. true, money was not plantiful. she both taught science and attained lectures at the sorbone, and worked in the laboratories there. it was that she met pierre curie,lecturer, and in 1895 they were married.

the marriage was ideally happy. there were their two little girls, irene and eve, whose claim always came first with them. friends who visited them in those days would find pierre sweeping the floor, and playing with his small daughters, while madame cooked the meal.

madam curie was not thirty-two when she discovered radium. the greatest part of her research in that direction had been done since her marriage three years previously, and in those three years she had borne and reared her first child.

in 1904, curie shared the nobel prize for physics. three years later , pierre curie was knocked down by a dray and killed when crossing a paris street. the shock was terrible. in 1911, won alone the nobel prize for chemistry.
during the world war she helped in the hospitals where the various froms of radium treatment were being carried out.

madame curie lived to see completion of the great work,she died on july 4,1934. her daughters and husbands carried out one step further, they recieved nobel prize for chemistry. no woman was ever sincerely mourned; no woman died more happily.

happy new year to all nepalese.

excerpt taken by "greatest scientists".

बसन्तपुर टोलाएर हेर्दा

on Friday, April 10, 2009

शनिबारको दिन भन्नासाथ यो मन हलुका भएर आउछ। गत साता शनिबार बसन्तपुर घुम्ने साइत जुरेछ मलाई। मेरो साथी हुनुहुन्थ्यो गजेन्द्र लोहोरुङ। खुड्किला खुड्किला चारैतिर तह तह बनाइएको बिचबाट चड्ने बाटो उच्च ठाउँमा अबस्थित मन्दिरमा बसेर अबलोकन गर्नेको सख्या कम चापिलो हुँदैन। बस्ने ठाउँ पाउनै अप्ठ्यरो हुने। हामी पनि जहाँ सागुरो त्यही चापिलो हुन गयौ। भनेको ठाउमा सिट कहाँ पाउन नि? सर्दै सर्दै बल्ल तल्ल आठरौ सताब्दीमा निर्मित महल अगाडि तारले बारेको घेराभित्र ठिङग उभिएको सैनिक जवान हेर्न आईपुग्यौ।

महलको तारिफ गर्दै अझ गफिन सुरु गर्यौ। तलतिर हेर्दा आवत जावत गर्नको सख्या बाक्लिदै थियो। स्वदेशी बिदेशी उत्तिकै देखिन्थे।
हामी पनि के कम, एक्काईसौ शताब्दीको उतर आधुनिक्ता जस्तै थियो हाम्रो गफ। राणाकालिन महल देखी युबायुबती सम्म। राणा कालमा बनाइएको महल त्यस बेलाका लागि रबाफिलो सान देखी लिएर अहिलेको युबापुस्ता आफ्नो भन्दा अरुलाई देखाएर केही बेर मन भुलाउने माद्यम सम्म।
बिदेशी पर्यटकहरु उत्सुक्ताका साथ घाटीमा झुन्डाएको क्यमेरा सोझ्याएर फोटो खिच्न ब्यस्त देखिन्थे। कोही बिदेशी मन्दिरमा बसेर हातमा किताब च्यपेर टोलाएर बसिरहेका देखिन्थे।
उ हेर न! के सोचेर बसेको होला ति खैरेले? छेउबाट निस्किएर आयो एउटा आवाज। घरी न घरी कतै न कतै बाट आवाज निस्किरहन्थ्यो। बसन्तपुरको आगन साझ परेपछी युवा पुस्ताको लागि रमनिय बन्दोरहेछ। आँखा भने महलको सुन्दरता त युबा युबतीहरुको रुप रङ अगाडि केही रहेनछ। कसका लागि के असली सुन्दरता भन्ने कुरा निर्क्योल गर्न गाह्रो।
ठिटा ठिटीहरुको मस्का मस्कीले दरबार अझ सुन्दर भएजस्तो महसुस हुन्थ्यो। आफ्नो आफ्नो समुहमा बसेर हासो मजा गरिरहेको युबा युबतीले भरिएको ठाउँ लगभग तीन घण्टे बसाइपछी हामी त्यहा बाट लाग्यौ। मन्दिरको पेटीबाट तल आगनमा भिड लागेको हेर्दा रमाइलो लागेता पनि गाई गोरु मोटरसाइकल र मान्छेको भिड्मा हराउदा भने पार पाउन मुस्किल भएको थियो।
थचक्क बसेको बसन्तपुर दरबार नेपालको प्राचिन कला देखी पश्चिमेली कला सम्म पर्यटकलाई एक नौलो अनुभुती भएको होलान। तर मन भने कला भन्दा युबा युबतीको बाक्लो उपस्थितिले ध्यान खिछेको थियो।
सुन्दरताको पारीभषा अझै पनि अबुझ नै जस्तो लगिरहेछ। के बसन्तपुर दरबारको ऐतिहासिक सुन्दरता र मस्किएर हिंडेका युबा पिडी को सुन्दरताको बुझाई एकै हो त?
गजेन्द्र लोहोरुङ अझै मौन हुनुहुन्छ।

Expensive cheap labor

on Saturday, April 4, 2009

We were nearly one of the last to realize that in the age of information science that most expensive asset is knowledge.

After world war second many developing countries bet their economic future on the theory that selling labor cheap would lead to modernization. There is no doubt that the cheap labor game is still being played all over the world. Intensively blow of cheap labor has hit in less developed countries (LDCs) on which the country Nepal has perpetually been adopting the approach.

So far as this system is concerned with Nepal, it was started during the Rana regime. In world war first and second, hundred and thousand young people were admitted in British army as low paid wagers. In return Nepal government would get remittance. No longer had this process discontinued from around three hundred centuries now. State economy always relied on remittance that became backbone rather than creating other alternative means. In this era with globalization, no country is segregated without connectivity of wave within the countries. But what Nepal government differs from other is unskilled and semi-skilled labors production in the market. Millions Nepalese have been reluctantly working in foreign land as exploited laborers. They have identity of unskilled blue color job and are living with undignified life.

All countries that have entered into second and third waves that they have produced knowledge based labors. As a result it credits will be applied in the nation. Some countries like the ‘tigers’ of east Asia such as south Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong Singapore and china even won their bet. Besides that due to k (knowledge)-factor many other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam succeeded to increase economic condition successively. For them Information technology is already made assets for developing country. Such cheap labor system not only used human resource but the crucial part they got in response is technology how it has transformed the world into third wave; the great achievement was technology based knowledge.

They have virtually accomplished industrialization and are now moving into third world. In accordance with power shift theory, human effort has been categorized into three waves. Agricultural revolution the first wave propelled human history towards second wave and third wave. The industrial revolution the second wave, it described the major technological and social transformation. Hyper- competition of technology third wave is on its prime new industries based on computers, electronics, information etc.

The change brought up by movement of wave has created the world uneven. Technology rapidly occupied at hemisphere, continents and sub continent countries respectively in deep root. Interdependent system of present techno world, one country is depended on other country’s economic prosperity. Cheap labor bet would now adversely effect with ups and downs of global economy.

Recent recession of the world once again has to be thought seriously. Especially in third wave countries it has badly floated state economy. It does not mean that other countries are untouched with it. U.S.A, JAPAN, KOREA, UNITED KINGDOM are mainly burdened of economic crisis. We can see more clearly how world has been as tiny matter with the development of information science. Job opportunities are gradually cutting down that resulted thousand and thousand people are jobless and cheap laborers are compelled to shift. Japan a third wave country many employees were foreigners now with economic crisis have been sent them back to their country.

Cheap labor policy in nepal is in huge problem. Unless the reformation process is applied from government level, Nepal will suffer from various factors. Unemployment problem is every single day increasing with population growth; government should pay attention to product efficient candidates. Otherwise it will be difficult to come out of the whirlwind of problems. We have many threats and challenges however opportunities should be prioritized.

Korea can be an example for us; there is no rust in the history, the history is not rust in front of us it is still row that during a half century Korea had dramatically developed the country. After disintegration of south and North Korea in 1951, South Korea had adopted liberal policy of which many American multinational companies were established. Many Korean got opportunity to work and were informed about technology. They became skilled worker with knowledge of technology. Meanwhile government cleverly brought adequate policy to mobilize resources. Now Korea has moved into third wave on the bet of expensive cheap labor.

Nepal is now standing at historical threshold; new nepal would rear up development effort, let us hope the expectation of all Nepalese would not be turned into yellow leaf.

तोङबा डायरी

on Monday, March 23, 2009

साझ पर्न लागेको थियो । हल्का हल्का पानी परीरहेको थियो। विस कदम अगाडि बढाएर म एउटा भट्टिमा छिरे। दिदी एउटा तोङवा दिनुन? ओ हो! नबिन भाई तोङवा खाने सुरसारमा देखिन्छौ के जागर चल्यो आज। साच्चिकै हो तोङवा लगाएर दिउ? ति शब्द सुन्दा मलाई उकुस्मुकुस जस्तो महसुस भएको थियो ।

धेरै समय लगभग छ महिना पछी पानी परेको थियो । यो समय गाउ घरमा मकै अन्न वाली छर्ने समय पनि हो। अधिकाश नेपालीहरु कृषि मा निर्भर हुने यस् देशमा चहिने बेलामा पानी नपर्दा आफुलाई पनि कता कता यसले छुदो रहेछ। मैले पनि यसैलाई बाहाना बनाएको थिए।

पसले हुन एक तमाङ थरकी दिदी जस्लाई स्कुले जिबनमा चिनेको थिए। मेरो साथीको दिदी भएको नाताले। उनी साचिकै सुन्दर छिन । मलाई सुन्दरताको मापदन्ड बारेमा ज्ञान छैन तर उहा सच्चा नागरिकको रुपमा लिएकी छु।

थर्मसमा तातो पानी लगाएर मेरो अगाडि ल भाई भनेर छाडी दिनुभयो। यो पसल मा प्रायजसो हुल्का हुल तोङबा खाने मान्छेहरु आउने गरेको देख्थे। त्यसदिन कोही पनि थिएनन टेबलभरी म एक्लो थिए। धेरै पछी तोङबा तान्दा टाउको दुख्ला जस्तो भएको थियो

तोङबा खान चाँही आफुलाई एक्ले ढेडुकै काइदा ठीक लाग्छ । खाएपछी एक्लै रमाउने बानी छ। एक पटक को कुर हो मेरो साथी लाई भाग्य चिट्टा भन्छन क्यार परेछ। अमेरिका जाने बेलामा खाउ भनेका रहेछन। दुई चार जना साथी मिलेर खाइयो झरल पदार्थ। यो खाए पछी कसैलाई बेइमान हुदो हो क्यार साथी हरु सँग रमाइलो गर्न बसेको त दु:ख पाइयो घरघरमा पुर्यौने अवस्थामा थिए।

त्यस पछी तोङबाको पनि खासै ठीक लागेन मलाई चाँही पिएपछी हल्ला खल्ला गर्न अलिक उचित लाग्दैन। त्यसो गरौ भने कुन्ताको सानो चिउसे आँखा देख्न गार्हो बल्ल पन्ध्र मिनेट पछी एक हुल छिरे। उनीहरु सबै जना सँगै काम गर्ने रहेछन। तोङबा सबैले एक एक भिरे। घर बनाउने काम गर्दा रहेछन कुरा सुन्दा रमाइलो भने साच्ची उनिहरुले गर्न जानेका रहेछन ।

म पनि एक कुनामा बसेर उनिहरुको कुरा सुनेर खुलेर हास्न मन लाग्थ्यो। कुनै बेला कुनै ठाउमा ठाटिएका मान्छेहरु हेर्दा राम्रा कती सजकताका अपनाएर खाएका असहज लाग्ने यहाँ भने केही छैन तर छुटै आनन्द।
यस्तै यस्तै तोङबा पिउदा का ।
कुनै दिन तोङबा खाईएछ भने फेरी ब्लग जिन्दाबाद !

Lecture series

on Sunday, March 15, 2009

Social science BAHA: Lecture series
Nepal: opportunities and threats – the dilemmas of transition 2009 03, 12
David seddon.

The series started at around 5 p.m. The presence of intelligentsia was huge number. As a sympathetic observer and co-author, around half a dozen his books have been published about Nepal.

David seddon’s presentation was very familiar in nepali political epicenter where such subject matter can be heard at different circle wherever we visit. He basically focused on political anticyclone and its unrest activities done by different political parties. his grave concern was Past to present how Nepal is going through with changing global phenomenon and present to future in resembling with its history and geopolitics is essentially to be analyzed.
Nepal is a yam between two giant countries, he quoted it down very famous old nepali saying said by late king prithibhi narayan shah. What I found interesting through his repetition is that he is not unaware about its sovereignty unless we comprehend their policy towards Nepal.

After ten years of insurgency Maoist party is now on safe land and its commitment on democracy is more remarkable. But some activities done by young communist league (YCL), YOUTH forces are completely opposite of peace agreement. There is still existing extortion, intimidation, violation even after Maoist is on government.

PLA integration

Another argument was about PLA integration into Nepal army. In his saying, he endeavored to clearly Nepal army and PLA- Nepal army is driven by central ideology and PLA is strongly driven by political ideology .so by integrating them into national army would create problem.


Federal system is in recent hotly discussed issue. David agreed with that there must be applied its diversity into unity. Agitating parties are doing Nepal band, chhakka jam, etc it is a kind of political impendence that they are looking for which was during the period of conflict ,Maoist party had strengthened ethnic group by providing federal states in order to succeed Maoist revolution.

David stated, ‘Federalism is unnecessary in terms of ethnicity. Nepal has such society where there is no certain territory covered by particular caste. It is made by heterogeneous society. So it would create hostility among majority and minority groups.
His emphasis was on mechanism that all indigenous marginalized and underprivileged community would get equal access.

Human resources

He brought very acknowledgeable point so far as youths groups’ involvement in development activity. Three hundred and thousands youth are jobless. All the jobless youths are partially associated with political link. Such movement will certainly result anarchy in the nation.

There must be created a kind of environment where all youths get involved into social works even in low paid wages. It would bring a sense of unity and sense of dignity.

International interest

International interests have very interestingly played especially in political upheaval. China is one hand and India is on the other hand are intervening Nepal. What are the factors that Nepal politics has always been as a playground?
When he was asked the question he responded very diplomatically.
‘Because china is stepping towards global scale and India is more precautious about Indian subcontinent’.


Nepal’s opportunities are in dilemma I completely agree with david saddon. Nepal is now in transitional phase no one unable to predict where the country is headed. Perhaps I would not be wrong if I call it precisely post conflict phase. Of course there are many changes from history now. It is a process an every society has gone through changes like Nepal. It is certainly that this will lead the nations progressively forwarded.
If there would not have been ten years of insurgency led by Maoist party, the drastic changes would not come at once. By people’s verdict two hundred years old monarchy has been abolished and the process of drafting new constitution is going on. This is not only the change of the Nepal itself. This is the change of the world.

PLA integration into Nepal army is very complicated issues. They are driven from different doctrine. One consensus has to be brought among all political parities to resolve this problem. If we observe present scenarios, this is obviously reflecting adverse impact on peace process. No single political party is seen serious to address genuine issues. Due to the political interests all parties are deliberately trying to aviod it.
The major issues are now come up at shadow and the minor issues are now at frontier that we should not forget it.

Demand of federalism is increased because centralized government policy has already failed to develop nation. David seddon said it is unnecessary in Nepal. He gave evidence but I do not think that is the ample evidence that confronts the federal system. As C.K LAL commented on your presentation, above 50% people are being deprived of enjoying rights due to oligarchic government.

I got surprised from david’s view points about federalism in Nepal. He must understand that centralized government is already failed, and it is no longer relevant to keep continuing. Also federalism is as compared with nationalism. Civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism are two parts that nationalism belongs. It is political independent perceived by individual community and region.

Twenty seven wives: can you imagine it?

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Resident of shankhuwasabha, ram Chandra katuwal 52 had twenty seven wives all together,“NAYA PATRIKA” mar11, rajdhan rai.He is a porter. He had met all of them on the way carrying goods. But none of them are remained with him anymore. “Some wives did not even stay more than one month” he reluctantly explains. Twenty four eloped with other, he left one and one passed away who was more sincere, he explains. According to ram Chandra katuwal, except some wives, he does not remember their name as well. He is living with youngest one (kanchi).

It was a kind of business for him when he was left by sevenths wives. Interestingly, some people had brought him even their wives. He used to take them however come to him.


on Thursday, March 5, 2009



In a nursery a gardener was bringing up different kinds of flower plants. Small plants too would seem happy to become flower. These flowers’ qualities had unlike other flowers’; in every year they could blossom within ten years. It had not been ascertained the time to blossom. Some flowers had features of blossoming at the same time with various seasonal conditions.

All plants had no similar characteristics. They deserved their own different characteristics. As the time is dynamic, kept changing, plants were growing up with gardener’s full supervision

kalki and soongwava were two plants among other plants. For they had well knownThey used to tease each other. Especially other plants used to tease kalki and soongwava. Kalki was more delicate and beautiful than other plants. Her heart had begun to palpate for him. Naturally some changes upon her could be noticed.

Spring season brings every thing changed. It brings changes even on soil composition. So gardener seemed to have engaged to shift those plants from a place to another place. Being a gardener he was concerned with business only. After having been transferred, the shapes of plants became bigger. Theses flowers at any time could be shifted to other places.

Kalki was grown up but not a flower yet. One day, gardener brought a new flower near about her. She was blindly attracted with him. No thing she disliked about her. She had devoted her love toward him but she never dared to tell her love to him.

In the garden all the plants, changed in different place, had already started to blossom.

Sometimes soongwabha would come in her mind as a beautiful nostalgia. Kalki had spent unforgettable days with him when they were small plants

Her heart crashed twice. She could not express again during the three years of staying in same row. Although they liked each other, they never went nearer.

For kalki flower, two flowers that she loved had already been as a memory in her mind. Both of them when she would see in the garden time and again, there would be strange feelings for her even today.

With the new entrance of spring season, the leaves of flowers had begun to fall off.

Soon, those flower were seen ready to turn into another mode of life.


on Monday, March 2, 2009


This report highlights the educational status of Shepra from Tashigaun Village of Makalu VDC of Shankhauwasabha district. It further explains the causes and impacts of poor education as well as makes some recommendations to improvement the situation.
All the people at tashigaon are sherpas. It is located in remote Makalu VDC of Sankhuwasabha at 2100m altitude. It is also known as entry place of fifth highest Mt. Makalu(8463m) in other word. It lies the route of famous Makalu mountaineering and trekking.

The total population of the Tashigaon is 357. Most of the people of that community are involving in tourism sector, collecting Yarsagumba(a kind of medicinal plant), animal husbandry, and agriculture.

Due to involvement in cash earning activity their economic status is comparatively high but educational status is negligible. Their main occupation is trekking, collecting Yarsagumba and agriculture.

Adult as well as children of Tashigaon are involved in trekking as a porter, assistant guide & guide. They also collect Yarsagumba in season. The agricultural pattern in all neighboring areas including Tashigaon will be cultivated in season. They are completely aligned from all aspects of facilities eg; electricity, health and sanitation, education, information and communication.

They have very low educational status. Their literacy rate is 40%. None of them have graduated grade nine. The total numbers of school aged children are 85 up to now in which 25 students found to have enrolled in school. They are 6 to 15 years old. 12 students have dropped out of school. Only one person is studying at grade nine till date. They are reluctant to go school.

It has been set up to 3 grade level school but it was found no one is interested to go school so especial provisions has been providing to attract them. However negligible people are studying.
In this report causes, effects, methodology findings, conclusion and recommendation has been included.


Purpose of this case study report is to identify hurdles and to ensure authentic information about education of the tashigaon preferably.

Cause of poor educational status.

Comparatively, their economic status is found high than that of education. To earn money being a porter, by carrying the luggage is supposed to have discouraged them to go to school. They easily get job. They go to trekking, they carry luggage and earn money. Likewise, yarsagumba is another easy means of earning money. Such collection will be done seasonally.
Basically children and women get involved in it. And sell it in costly price. In a season they will be busy collecting yarsagumba and next season in agriculture. Animal husbandry is main agriculture. Season to season they exchange pastoral land due to weather. Yearly task will be already scheduled so that they cannot go to school.
The last but major cause is lack of facilities. it is in the sense that un-abundant facilities lead people keep adapting unnecessary customs. There are no facilities like telephone, health post, electricity because of segregation from all facilities. They are not enabling to know miracle of education.

Case study has been applied in the community with face to face interview, focused group discussion, queasy observation. The research was based on primary and secondary sources.

Findings of case study:
They were found economically sound. They were found involved in tourism sector and animal husbandry as traditional occupation.

The adverse situation drives them no long towards bright future. Makalu, since it is a one of the most possible tourist area, tashigaon people might get its direct benefit to great extent. But as of today, if the blunder reality existed, they will live for long time being porter which will keep them hindering from going school.

They willingly do not want to go school. Their traditional occupation, as mentioned above, has primarily confronted them from education.


Development and sustainability in tourism sector in Makalu region should be initiated by government through focusing educational empowerment so that they could accumulate white money
note: photo by rajdhan rai


Electricity is cut off. This is the blunder reality of kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.
My wrist watch shows green signal, it is sharp seven o’clock. To read book in front of candle in dim light I really enjoy it. Allegorically I have been habituated to live in dark, I cannot see when the light on. I am dazzled.
Most often our meeting would remain till eleven o’clock from eight o’clock. Sometimes, I am pleased while sleeping by putting head on book, but my dream at once disappears when candle wax drop off on my hand.
Next early morning I go to morning walk as well as to take class. It is like a proverb, old nepali saying “pasupati ko melama sidhra ko byapar”,Two in one at the same time. It takes around one hour to reach there. This is not my first time walking along the road. I have many times walked………….. I feel different experiences while walking; ten different experiences in ten miles.
First rays falls on when I will be walking at Bagmati Bridge, the boarder of lalitpur and kathmandu. Many pedestrians are seen like me heading towards their destination in the open sky.
Yesterday unlike other days, traffic polices were busy in checking license across the bridge at thapathali. Two motorcycles have been caught up. They were showing green rupees to traffic polices in stead of license. Traffic polices were walking to and fro I did not know why.

The very same day the new museum was opened for the first time narayanhiti palace museum, it was amazing that ten of hundreds people lined up to see it. They had long waited curiously for hours. Due to congest passageways few people were allowed to enter at one time.

It had been a kind of theatre where drama is performed and we were who did not get tickets or did not line up rather stayed on the pave and watched them as spectator. But it was not as drama where dramatic activities are done. After staying one and half hour I returned thorough kings way back to home. Once I had studied that all the experience will not be cherished. Experience is more painful.

I want to bring here to Hilary rodhan Clinton who has written living history based on her life experiences. She writes, “so many women in so many countries speak same language of silence”. In my comprehend Hilary would not have been strong hold women of the world if she would hot have seen the situation of women in so many countries. Also she has mentioned that she had well understood behavior of her grandmother how she had gone through in course of staying with her so that she always become backbone of bill Clinton and good mother. I was walking desperately not getting chance.

It is at about eight thirty in the evening; I am writing with the help of candle what happed today, the annual conference 2009 where I happened to become a participant. About thirty participants were there. And nine presenters presented their paper on various subject matters. Most of them were PhD holders and professors involving in universities.

All papers being presented were insightful. Among many papers ghanashyam bhandari’s paper was very interesting on “when history hurts …. Acting out the historical loss in mailer’s why we are in Vietnam. It was about war in Vietnam how America lost it. He beautifully and cleverly concluded with john McCain’s defeat on American presidential election who was veteran in Vietnam War. As an energetic young professor, he is really praiseworthy.

While I was getting back, three hours traffic jam made me pale. I have been suffering common cold for two days. I have to pinch my nose again and again otherwise snot……………


on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

‘Soul is like Eternal Mountain static ever’; ‘Body is beautiful like blossom, spread out its beauty for a moment and withers it, soul’s pleasure is ended up.’ Thus the achievement of eternal pleasure is the goal of life. Can a man run after momentarily pleasure having left eternal pleasure?

‘Pleasure that remains forever is extreme hardship that can not be escaped from; Glimpse of chance is greatest happiness that gives momentarily pleasure that is vanished for a while.’ ‘So soul is never ending sun and body is ever flickering light in dark’.
Above abstract is derived from B. P Koirala’s Sumnima story spoken by character SumnimaSomadatt. I have heard many times and many places about the Sumnima that the situation is seen to have taken new mode in Nepali literature. But I never got a coincidence though I wanted to read it. In accordance with my pre- plan happened to become, Dashain is just over, spent reading Sumnima, My fellows and relatives were however requesting to play card, I remained rigid to accomplish it. Yes, I did it today. Say honestly, it was quite interesting to read Sumnima. I read it twice, thrice; reading Sumnima is calmer and pleasure in tranquility than gathering and have fun with friends. Since it is dashain time, commencing in reading was quite difficult, some problems had to face in midst; It was like traveling in Kathmandu valley where traffic jam is found all around. Precious time! No wonder but blunder it happened, so so. Time is out of my control, each and every second hammering on it without considering to my life span, it was started murmuring- diehard.
This story is centered on arena of indigenous peoples, kiratis. Sumnima is the protagonist of the story, daughter of kirati who is flowing as natural and pure as Koski River, the present territory is that of dharan. She is, as delicate as bud, whispering with nature meets named Somadatt,son of barman, who was migrated with family on Koshi river bank. The story begins like this.
I was charming myself. My heart was saying to finish it as soon as possible without any delay. I kept on reading until I finished it in around three hours. Right after having finished it, nothing was concluded, I got in dilemma. It dazzled me for a while. Beheld! And, remembered the constitution of Nepali society, creed, thoughts and contemporary situation, Remembered historical chapters of B.P Koirala, and his doctrine, remembered kirat region, society, belief and me. I wanted to get back towards Sumnima and Somdatt again. Sumnima says, “I’m kirati daughter”. Somadatt says, “I’ m Somadatt son of bhramin sruyadatt. He further adds that he is civilized new generation of bhramin elite group. “You are uncivilized, savaged kirat”, he roared up. It made me more curious to go on.
No any single day between them would be without debates. Sumnima complains that the word “MATA”, repeatedly said by Somdatt instead of “AAMA” during the conversation period, has deliberately made shadow the lovely word “AAMA”. ‘It was godly language”, Somadatt insisted. In his expression a kind of elite ill- mentality is found on one hand, Sumnima, on the other hand, wearing no clothes has been presented savage, illiterate but innocent as beautiful as nature, an indigenous woman.
By making a strong pillar in Nepali literary platform, B. P Koirala has come up with Sumnimasumnima is red signature in Nepali literature and green pasture in Nepali society.
Sumnima unknowingly magnetized me towards her, or say, I had deep compassion upon her and used to think whether she is in this world. No words I had to express; she used to compel me to halt, no question how and why, Perhaps, I was making a castle in the air.
No characters are seen to have been done injustice by author, to some extent, Sumnima is seen to have victimized words expressed by somdatt. But in reality Sumnima can be seen just opposite of it after all. Somadatt himself wants to be known as a religious and enlightened of which existence is emotionally attached to. Sumnima even accepts on it. She believes in natural phenomena in that sense that beyond the nature an effort to seize the blow of air is to destroy oneself.
All of a sudden sound echoed on my ear. Hey Nabin, ‘where are you’? It Startled. I came out unwillingly after a while where I saw unexpected scene. There were four cosmetic but Beautiful sisters standing, the 21st century Sumnimas- skirts groups. I was starring at them. One of them blasted off ‘why you are looking at’? You bloody fool! They broke out devilish laughing but I like it. “Are you busy brother? One youngest sister said”. I said that I was reading ‘Sumnima’. Which Sumnima? One said, immediately another began, oh!That one, Long hair, white but ugly. I thought this the era of 21st century Sumnimas,
After having been left I could not resume it, the climax of story remained incomplete and Sumnima remained untold. in our society. An essential aspect is supposed to be how social structure and development has moved forward is
and beautifully illustrated by connecting with historical sequences. For B.P Koirala