तोङबा डायरी

on Monday, March 23, 2009

साझ पर्न लागेको थियो । हल्का हल्का पानी परीरहेको थियो। विस कदम अगाडि बढाएर म एउटा भट्टिमा छिरे। दिदी एउटा तोङवा दिनुन? ओ हो! नबिन भाई तोङवा खाने सुरसारमा देखिन्छौ के जागर चल्यो आज। साच्चिकै हो तोङवा लगाएर दिउ? ति शब्द सुन्दा मलाई उकुस्मुकुस जस्तो महसुस भएको थियो ।

धेरै समय लगभग छ महिना पछी पानी परेको थियो । यो समय गाउ घरमा मकै अन्न वाली छर्ने समय पनि हो। अधिकाश नेपालीहरु कृषि मा निर्भर हुने यस् देशमा चहिने बेलामा पानी नपर्दा आफुलाई पनि कता कता यसले छुदो रहेछ। मैले पनि यसैलाई बाहाना बनाएको थिए।

पसले हुन एक तमाङ थरकी दिदी जस्लाई स्कुले जिबनमा चिनेको थिए। मेरो साथीको दिदी भएको नाताले। उनी साचिकै सुन्दर छिन । मलाई सुन्दरताको मापदन्ड बारेमा ज्ञान छैन तर उहा सच्चा नागरिकको रुपमा लिएकी छु।

थर्मसमा तातो पानी लगाएर मेरो अगाडि ल भाई भनेर छाडी दिनुभयो। यो पसल मा प्रायजसो हुल्का हुल तोङबा खाने मान्छेहरु आउने गरेको देख्थे। त्यसदिन कोही पनि थिएनन टेबलभरी म एक्लो थिए। धेरै पछी तोङबा तान्दा टाउको दुख्ला जस्तो भएको थियो

तोङबा खान चाँही आफुलाई एक्ले ढेडुकै काइदा ठीक लाग्छ । खाएपछी एक्लै रमाउने बानी छ। एक पटक को कुर हो मेरो साथी लाई भाग्य चिट्टा भन्छन क्यार परेछ। अमेरिका जाने बेलामा खाउ भनेका रहेछन। दुई चार जना साथी मिलेर खाइयो झरल पदार्थ। यो खाए पछी कसैलाई बेइमान हुदो हो क्यार साथी हरु सँग रमाइलो गर्न बसेको त दु:ख पाइयो घरघरमा पुर्यौने अवस्थामा थिए।

त्यस पछी तोङबाको पनि खासै ठीक लागेन मलाई चाँही पिएपछी हल्ला खल्ला गर्न अलिक उचित लाग्दैन। त्यसो गरौ भने कुन्ताको सानो चिउसे आँखा देख्न गार्हो बल्ल पन्ध्र मिनेट पछी एक हुल छिरे। उनीहरु सबै जना सँगै काम गर्ने रहेछन। तोङबा सबैले एक एक भिरे। घर बनाउने काम गर्दा रहेछन कुरा सुन्दा रमाइलो भने साच्ची उनिहरुले गर्न जानेका रहेछन ।

म पनि एक कुनामा बसेर उनिहरुको कुरा सुनेर खुलेर हास्न मन लाग्थ्यो। कुनै बेला कुनै ठाउमा ठाटिएका मान्छेहरु हेर्दा राम्रा कती सजकताका अपनाएर खाएका असहज लाग्ने यहाँ भने केही छैन तर छुटै आनन्द।
यस्तै यस्तै तोङबा पिउदा का ।
कुनै दिन तोङबा खाईएछ भने फेरी ब्लग जिन्दाबाद !

Lecture series

on Sunday, March 15, 2009

Social science BAHA: Lecture series
Nepal: opportunities and threats – the dilemmas of transition 2009 03, 12
David seddon.

The series started at around 5 p.m. The presence of intelligentsia was huge number. As a sympathetic observer and co-author, around half a dozen his books have been published about Nepal.

David seddon’s presentation was very familiar in nepali political epicenter where such subject matter can be heard at different circle wherever we visit. He basically focused on political anticyclone and its unrest activities done by different political parties. his grave concern was Past to present how Nepal is going through with changing global phenomenon and present to future in resembling with its history and geopolitics is essentially to be analyzed.
Nepal is a yam between two giant countries, he quoted it down very famous old nepali saying said by late king prithibhi narayan shah. What I found interesting through his repetition is that he is not unaware about its sovereignty unless we comprehend their policy towards Nepal.

After ten years of insurgency Maoist party is now on safe land and its commitment on democracy is more remarkable. But some activities done by young communist league (YCL), YOUTH forces are completely opposite of peace agreement. There is still existing extortion, intimidation, violation even after Maoist is on government.

PLA integration

Another argument was about PLA integration into Nepal army. In his saying, he endeavored to clearly Nepal army and PLA- Nepal army is driven by central ideology and PLA is strongly driven by political ideology .so by integrating them into national army would create problem.


Federal system is in recent hotly discussed issue. David agreed with that there must be applied its diversity into unity. Agitating parties are doing Nepal band, chhakka jam, etc it is a kind of political impendence that they are looking for which was during the period of conflict ,Maoist party had strengthened ethnic group by providing federal states in order to succeed Maoist revolution.

David stated, ‘Federalism is unnecessary in terms of ethnicity. Nepal has such society where there is no certain territory covered by particular caste. It is made by heterogeneous society. So it would create hostility among majority and minority groups.
His emphasis was on mechanism that all indigenous marginalized and underprivileged community would get equal access.

Human resources

He brought very acknowledgeable point so far as youths groups’ involvement in development activity. Three hundred and thousands youth are jobless. All the jobless youths are partially associated with political link. Such movement will certainly result anarchy in the nation.

There must be created a kind of environment where all youths get involved into social works even in low paid wages. It would bring a sense of unity and sense of dignity.

International interest

International interests have very interestingly played especially in political upheaval. China is one hand and India is on the other hand are intervening Nepal. What are the factors that Nepal politics has always been as a playground?
When he was asked the question he responded very diplomatically.
‘Because china is stepping towards global scale and India is more precautious about Indian subcontinent’.


Nepal’s opportunities are in dilemma I completely agree with david saddon. Nepal is now in transitional phase no one unable to predict where the country is headed. Perhaps I would not be wrong if I call it precisely post conflict phase. Of course there are many changes from history now. It is a process an every society has gone through changes like Nepal. It is certainly that this will lead the nations progressively forwarded.
If there would not have been ten years of insurgency led by Maoist party, the drastic changes would not come at once. By people’s verdict two hundred years old monarchy has been abolished and the process of drafting new constitution is going on. This is not only the change of the Nepal itself. This is the change of the world.

PLA integration into Nepal army is very complicated issues. They are driven from different doctrine. One consensus has to be brought among all political parities to resolve this problem. If we observe present scenarios, this is obviously reflecting adverse impact on peace process. No single political party is seen serious to address genuine issues. Due to the political interests all parties are deliberately trying to aviod it.
The major issues are now come up at shadow and the minor issues are now at frontier that we should not forget it.

Demand of federalism is increased because centralized government policy has already failed to develop nation. David seddon said it is unnecessary in Nepal. He gave evidence but I do not think that is the ample evidence that confronts the federal system. As C.K LAL commented on your presentation, above 50% people are being deprived of enjoying rights due to oligarchic government.

I got surprised from david’s view points about federalism in Nepal. He must understand that centralized government is already failed, and it is no longer relevant to keep continuing. Also federalism is as compared with nationalism. Civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism are two parts that nationalism belongs. It is political independent perceived by individual community and region.

Twenty seven wives: can you imagine it?

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Resident of shankhuwasabha, ram Chandra katuwal 52 had twenty seven wives all together,“NAYA PATRIKA” mar11, rajdhan rai.He is a porter. He had met all of them on the way carrying goods. But none of them are remained with him anymore. “Some wives did not even stay more than one month” he reluctantly explains. Twenty four eloped with other, he left one and one passed away who was more sincere, he explains. According to ram Chandra katuwal, except some wives, he does not remember their name as well. He is living with youngest one (kanchi).

It was a kind of business for him when he was left by sevenths wives. Interestingly, some people had brought him even their wives. He used to take them however come to him.


on Thursday, March 5, 2009



In a nursery a gardener was bringing up different kinds of flower plants. Small plants too would seem happy to become flower. These flowers’ qualities had unlike other flowers’; in every year they could blossom within ten years. It had not been ascertained the time to blossom. Some flowers had features of blossoming at the same time with various seasonal conditions.

All plants had no similar characteristics. They deserved their own different characteristics. As the time is dynamic, kept changing, plants were growing up with gardener’s full supervision

kalki and soongwava were two plants among other plants. For they had well knownThey used to tease each other. Especially other plants used to tease kalki and soongwava. Kalki was more delicate and beautiful than other plants. Her heart had begun to palpate for him. Naturally some changes upon her could be noticed.

Spring season brings every thing changed. It brings changes even on soil composition. So gardener seemed to have engaged to shift those plants from a place to another place. Being a gardener he was concerned with business only. After having been transferred, the shapes of plants became bigger. Theses flowers at any time could be shifted to other places.

Kalki was grown up but not a flower yet. One day, gardener brought a new flower near about her. She was blindly attracted with him. No thing she disliked about her. She had devoted her love toward him but she never dared to tell her love to him.

In the garden all the plants, changed in different place, had already started to blossom.

Sometimes soongwabha would come in her mind as a beautiful nostalgia. Kalki had spent unforgettable days with him when they were small plants

Her heart crashed twice. She could not express again during the three years of staying in same row. Although they liked each other, they never went nearer.

For kalki flower, two flowers that she loved had already been as a memory in her mind. Both of them when she would see in the garden time and again, there would be strange feelings for her even today.

With the new entrance of spring season, the leaves of flowers had begun to fall off.

Soon, those flower were seen ready to turn into another mode of life.


on Monday, March 2, 2009


This report highlights the educational status of Shepra from Tashigaun Village of Makalu VDC of Shankhauwasabha district. It further explains the causes and impacts of poor education as well as makes some recommendations to improvement the situation.
All the people at tashigaon are sherpas. It is located in remote Makalu VDC of Sankhuwasabha at 2100m altitude. It is also known as entry place of fifth highest Mt. Makalu(8463m) in other word. It lies the route of famous Makalu mountaineering and trekking.

The total population of the Tashigaon is 357. Most of the people of that community are involving in tourism sector, collecting Yarsagumba(a kind of medicinal plant), animal husbandry, and agriculture.

Due to involvement in cash earning activity their economic status is comparatively high but educational status is negligible. Their main occupation is trekking, collecting Yarsagumba and agriculture.

Adult as well as children of Tashigaon are involved in trekking as a porter, assistant guide & guide. They also collect Yarsagumba in season. The agricultural pattern in all neighboring areas including Tashigaon will be cultivated in season. They are completely aligned from all aspects of facilities eg; electricity, health and sanitation, education, information and communication.

They have very low educational status. Their literacy rate is 40%. None of them have graduated grade nine. The total numbers of school aged children are 85 up to now in which 25 students found to have enrolled in school. They are 6 to 15 years old. 12 students have dropped out of school. Only one person is studying at grade nine till date. They are reluctant to go school.

It has been set up to 3 grade level school but it was found no one is interested to go school so especial provisions has been providing to attract them. However negligible people are studying.
In this report causes, effects, methodology findings, conclusion and recommendation has been included.


Purpose of this case study report is to identify hurdles and to ensure authentic information about education of the tashigaon preferably.

Cause of poor educational status.

Comparatively, their economic status is found high than that of education. To earn money being a porter, by carrying the luggage is supposed to have discouraged them to go to school. They easily get job. They go to trekking, they carry luggage and earn money. Likewise, yarsagumba is another easy means of earning money. Such collection will be done seasonally.
Basically children and women get involved in it. And sell it in costly price. In a season they will be busy collecting yarsagumba and next season in agriculture. Animal husbandry is main agriculture. Season to season they exchange pastoral land due to weather. Yearly task will be already scheduled so that they cannot go to school.
The last but major cause is lack of facilities. it is in the sense that un-abundant facilities lead people keep adapting unnecessary customs. There are no facilities like telephone, health post, electricity because of segregation from all facilities. They are not enabling to know miracle of education.

Case study has been applied in the community with face to face interview, focused group discussion, queasy observation. The research was based on primary and secondary sources.

Findings of case study:
They were found economically sound. They were found involved in tourism sector and animal husbandry as traditional occupation.

The adverse situation drives them no long towards bright future. Makalu, since it is a one of the most possible tourist area, tashigaon people might get its direct benefit to great extent. But as of today, if the blunder reality existed, they will live for long time being porter which will keep them hindering from going school.

They willingly do not want to go school. Their traditional occupation, as mentioned above, has primarily confronted them from education.


Development and sustainability in tourism sector in Makalu region should be initiated by government through focusing educational empowerment so that they could accumulate white money
note: photo by rajdhan rai


Electricity is cut off. This is the blunder reality of kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.
My wrist watch shows green signal, it is sharp seven o’clock. To read book in front of candle in dim light I really enjoy it. Allegorically I have been habituated to live in dark, I cannot see when the light on. I am dazzled.
Most often our meeting would remain till eleven o’clock from eight o’clock. Sometimes, I am pleased while sleeping by putting head on book, but my dream at once disappears when candle wax drop off on my hand.
Next early morning I go to morning walk as well as to take class. It is like a proverb, old nepali saying “pasupati ko melama sidhra ko byapar”,Two in one at the same time. It takes around one hour to reach there. This is not my first time walking along the road. I have many times walked………….. I feel different experiences while walking; ten different experiences in ten miles.
First rays falls on when I will be walking at Bagmati Bridge, the boarder of lalitpur and kathmandu. Many pedestrians are seen like me heading towards their destination in the open sky.
Yesterday unlike other days, traffic polices were busy in checking license across the bridge at thapathali. Two motorcycles have been caught up. They were showing green rupees to traffic polices in stead of license. Traffic polices were walking to and fro I did not know why.

The very same day the new museum was opened for the first time narayanhiti palace museum, it was amazing that ten of hundreds people lined up to see it. They had long waited curiously for hours. Due to congest passageways few people were allowed to enter at one time.

It had been a kind of theatre where drama is performed and we were who did not get tickets or did not line up rather stayed on the pave and watched them as spectator. But it was not as drama where dramatic activities are done. After staying one and half hour I returned thorough kings way back to home. Once I had studied that all the experience will not be cherished. Experience is more painful.

I want to bring here to Hilary rodhan Clinton who has written living history based on her life experiences. She writes, “so many women in so many countries speak same language of silence”. In my comprehend Hilary would not have been strong hold women of the world if she would hot have seen the situation of women in so many countries. Also she has mentioned that she had well understood behavior of her grandmother how she had gone through in course of staying with her so that she always become backbone of bill Clinton and good mother. I was walking desperately not getting chance.

It is at about eight thirty in the evening; I am writing with the help of candle what happed today, the annual conference 2009 where I happened to become a participant. About thirty participants were there. And nine presenters presented their paper on various subject matters. Most of them were PhD holders and professors involving in universities.

All papers being presented were insightful. Among many papers ghanashyam bhandari’s paper was very interesting on “when history hurts …. Acting out the historical loss in mailer’s why we are in Vietnam. It was about war in Vietnam how America lost it. He beautifully and cleverly concluded with john McCain’s defeat on American presidential election who was veteran in Vietnam War. As an energetic young professor, he is really praiseworthy.

While I was getting back, three hours traffic jam made me pale. I have been suffering common cold for two days. I have to pinch my nose again and again otherwise snot……………